When You Can’t Get Up & Get Out of Bed

Boredom or stressed feeling can be signs of dysania
Depression Can be the Root Cause of Dysania

Getting up in the morning can be a gargantuan task for many who fall in love with sleep. Monday blues are common as we are forced to get back to school, college or office after two luxurious resting days filled with good food, plentiful sleep and fun. Even otherwise, none can find a better reason to get up foregoing the luxuries of tucking yourself under the bed covers and sleeping to heart’s content.

Often, our parents or spouse raise the curtain blinds or open windows to allow the sun to shine upon us during mornings. These too go missing during the winter season making it more advantageous for the sleepy bags to lie down forever in bed. In fact, these people consider it a sin to wake up when its dark outside. Above all these, there might be some situations during which you are unable to get out of bed at all indicating the presence of a serious problem. We have even got a term to describe this issue-dysania.


Dysania is the inability to get up and get out of bed. While the normal human is filled with a desire to sleep for a little longer even after getting up dysania-affected people crave to remain in bed for days together, practically do this and are even perturbed at the thought of leaving the comfort of their bed. Though not clinically proved and accepted this condition is said to be extremely popular among individuals and there are millions of them who swear by it.

It is highly rare that a person is diagnosed with dysania alone. In most cases, this condition is accompanied most of the time with depression or chronic fatigue syndrome. Depression can make a person lead a lifeless life disrupting his/her entire happiness. Know more about it and learn to stay away from depression with the help of tips available at the website www.firsteatright.com. Though not outrightly visible there are clear signs indicating the disease. These individuals don’t feel sleepy all the time but lack the energy or even the attitude to step out of bed. Tiredness and laziness to get up might only procrastinate activities but dysania affects day to day activities way more than this impacting quality of life. Also, despite their responsibilities these individuals feel the need to stay in bed for days together. If you feel ‘tired’ or ‘bored’ it might be a normal phase that happens once a while but if ‘overwhelmed’, ‘stressed’ or ‘anxious’ are the words to describe your thoughts, it is better to meet a physician right away.

Tips for Better Sleep

Adults need anywhere between six and eight hours of sleep daily. Some ways to help you sleep better include:

  1. Follow regular bedtime schedules. This helps you spend less time in bed and more time sleeping. Try to go to bed an hour or two earlier to get up earlier without much stress/fatigue.
  2. Keep your bedroom cozy and comfortable with soothing music, dim lights and aromatic fragrances while going to sleep
  3. Do something that involves your mind before going to sleep. This might make you tired and feel like falling asleep in a while
  4. Restrict caffeine intake and try to drink a warm cup of milk
  5. Take a bath or do yoga before going to bed
  6. Eat lightly before bedtime and avoid alcohol consumption
  7. Don’t use your smartphones or any other electronic gadgets before bedtime

While symptoms might be indicative of a general feeling of boredom or laziness it is better to get it checked with your physician to rule out dysania.

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