Delayed Dinner Timings Advance the Risk of High Blood Pressure & Diabetes

Late dinner timings increase risk of BP and prediabetes
Dining Out is Fun but Only While you Dine!

Weekends are not complete without the late-night parties and catch up sessions with friends in some of our favorite hangouts in the evening followed by a scrumptious dinner. There are not many who love to meet up over breakfast or lunch. Maybe the cool evening breeze, glamorous lights across eateries and pubs or a relaxed evening after completing all your pending chores in the morning are some of the reasons given by many of us for choosing dinner as the preferred meal for eating out or meeting people. You might save all your calories for the big dinner meal, but this might end you in trouble after all!

Save the Date but Change the Time

Looking forward to spend some time with your long-time buddy over an elaborate course of barbecue-styled foods and desserts makes you jump with joy. Dressed up in the best attire, you attack the restaurant’s menu and order an elaborate meal! Enjoy this meal as you might not feel so excited over another dinner like this after reading the consequences of eating a late-evening meal.

Eating big meals after 6 p.m. can lead to increase in blood pressure rates and blood sugar levels. Any food consumed after 6 p.m. is not going to instantly make you weigh more but the additional calories might lead to side effects such as high BP and sugar. Its been said that for every additional 20 calories consumed (based on a 2000-calorie diet) after 6 p.m. there is an increase in the risk of higher fasting glucose, insulin and insulin resistance all of which are risk factors for diabetes.

A team of researchers studied the link between meal timings and hypertension risk in people. The study involved almost 13,000 people aged between 18 and 76 who took up a survey that questioned them about their daily eating habits writing down their daily calorie intake after 6 p.m. Researchers found that more than half of the participants consumed more than 30% of their recommended calories after 6 p.m. daily and these people were at a 23% increased risk of developing high blood pressure compared to others. Also, those who consumed more than 30% of their calories in the evening were at a 19% greater risk of developing prediabetes compared to those who ate calorie-restricted meals at night. Now, when we eat has become as important as what we eat and how much we eat.

All are well-aware that prediabetes and increased blood pressure are high risk factors for heart disease. Read more about what causes a heart disease and how you can control your risk of suffering from a heart disease by visiting the website The study shows that consumed a major portion of your calorie requirements before 6 p.m. in the evening saves you from cardiovascular disease! Eat a light dinner and above all, eat an early dinner to avoid increase in health risks.

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