Disagreeable People Can Stave Off Depression by Practicing Compassion

Disagreeable people lack empathy towards close people too
Hostility Backfires & Leaves you Isolated As Time Passes By

‘Self-sufficient’ is the term most people fall in love with these days. Earlier, communication and interaction were the best way to pass time and enjoy. Nowadays interactions have become a chore and people hate each other’s company. We love our smartphones and use the GPRS to guide us through lanes and streets rather than ask a fellow traveler for routes. It is better to watch a movie alone at home than invite a few friends and disagree with their views. Be the king of your kingdom, isn’t it? Such practices have left people exhaustive of compassion, love and care for others.

Love Only for Thyself

Its not impossible to live alone. It’s mostly those who are highly disagreeable with others who wish to live a life of their own without sharing it with anyone else. Its most likely that these are the people who express least kindness towards others and again these are the ones who are also likelier to benefit more by practicing compassion. This is not a theory but the result of a reputed study.

A study tracked the results of an online compassion training done on more than 640 people who suffered from mild depression. The participants were asked to participate in one of the three online exercises including a control condition. These participants were asked to report their answers every alternate day through the same online platform up to a period of three weeks. Results showed that after a period of two months those participants who expressed heightened levels of compassion experienced maximum relief from depression and greater life satisfaction.

We are humans who have been surrounded by people since our birth-parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and neighbors. Its not like we have jumped from sky and started leading lives on our own. Living with people until now why do suddenly a certain group of individuals start hating people, the society around and everything that includes being social? It may be due to the fact that they have been cheated, ignored or used but secluding yourself from the society is not going to solve the problem. Ultimately everybody needs people. Owing to their attitude and behavior disagreeable people deal with a lot of conflicts and develop hostility towards others unnecessarily. Researchers found that helping these individuals open out and behave in a friendly manner towards others helped them break the shell.

Empathy is a word whose meaning is mostly unknown by highly disagreeable people as they lack empathy even towards their first-circle relations. The tips and tricks given by researchers every other day online for only 10-15 minutes proved as an antidote for depression. The participants were also made to chant positive phrases, but it was the act of kindness and empathy shown towards others that maximized participants’ benefits.

Hostile people may never commit to the fact that they need people and argue that they are better alone but finally it does affect their mood and spoil their positive attitude. Compassion intervention helps to build a kinder society where people benefit from each other’s existence. Its necessary to understand that its not only physical health but mental health too that makes a person who he/she is. A strong body with a weak mental well-being or a strong mind with a weak physical well-being are like half-empty buckets. Understand how to become your healthiest self by practicing physical and mental well-being with the help of tips given at www.firsteatright.com.

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