Increased LDL Cholesterol Levels in Younger Adults Leave Them Vulnerable to Heart Disease

A healthy lifestyle is a great way to maintain cholesterol levels
Test for Cholesterol Levels Since your 20s & Keep them Under Control

At the movie its time to choose a tub of buttery popcorn, at home we relish all the delicacies prepared irrespective of the ingredients and at the restaurant we order to our heart’s content. People never restrict consumption of fried foods, processed foods or baked goods unless an illness or disease strikes. Children as small as 5-year-old these days decide on what they want to eat. Weekends are for junk where the kid gets to choose between pizza or donuts, lollipop or pastry or between an ice cream or thick shake! Young adults too party out, dine with colleagues on most days at office or chill out at home by ordering from home delivery sites. These guys neither exercise nor do they involve themselves in some physical activity. All these are critical reasons for rising obesity/overweight rates.

Health sector is booming as people are continuously falling sick over one disease or the other. It was swine flu sometime back, then it was peak season for Zika virus and now its dengue. These are the results of reduced immunity and increased antibacterial resistance owing to inappropriate antibiotic usage. On the other hand we have diabetes, blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases having a gala time as we manhandle not only people but also our beloved body which has given us our precious life.

Younger Generation Might Suffer Badly from Cardiovascular Diseases

Cholesterol can be good or bad but we always choose foods that are brimming with bad cholesterol-French fries, donuts, potato wafers, chicken wings and samosas. Its been recommended for everyone above the age of 20 to get their cholesterol levels tested and ensure that it’s kept under control. A latest study has proved that young healthy people may be at an all-time risk of premature death due to cardiovascular disease if they don’t keep their cholesterol levels under control.

Globally, a third of ischaemic heart disease is due to high cholesterol and this remains as the leading cause of death worldwide. The coronary arteries exist as the only suppliers of blood to the heart and a blockage in the artery reduces blood supply to the heart muscle. LDL is a cholesterol (also called as bad cholesterol) that paves way for clogged arteries which exist as primary risk factors for heart attack and stroke. Increase in cholesterol levels at a younger age is indicative of heightened risk of cardiovascular disease as the person grows old. This calls for immediate action to let people belonging to any age group aware of the risk of elevated cholesterol levels and also help them with different ways to keep these levels controlled.

The study included more than 36,000 young souls who were devoid of diabetes or cardiovascular problems. These participants were followed-up for 27 years. Results showed that:

  1. Of the total participants (72% were men whose average age was 42) 1,086 people died from cardiovascular disease and 598 died of coronary heart disease.
  2. Compared to those whose LDL readings were under 100 mg/dL, participants whose LDL levels existed between 100 and 159 mg/dL were at a 30-40% increased risk of cardiovascular disease death and those participants whose LDL levels were 160 mg/dL or higher were at a 70-90% increased risk.

The main point of the study is that having a 10-year low cardiovascular risk doesn’t nullify the risk of elevated LDL levels over the lifetime. Its necessary to constantly monitor our LDL levels and keep them under 100 mg/dL. This is possible with excellent lifestyle interventions in the form of diet and exercise. Each of us should limit saturated fats intake, avoid tobacco consumption and lead an active lifestyle to keep cholesterol levels under check. If you are someone suffering from high cholesterol levels its better to get in touch with reputed dietitian nutritionists at to modify your diet and bring in beneficial changes that can be followed for a lifetime of good health.

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