Drops of Sweat Make Exercising Less Stressful

Exercise a little more every day
Build on your Workout with Smaller Goals

Physical activity guidelines are pretty straightforward. Adults need to indulge in 150 minutes of activity per week that elevates heart rate while older adults need to add a dash of balance exercises along with the recommended exercise numbers. Weight lifting must be done twice a week to strengthen major muscle groups by all adults with the exception of pregnant or nursing women. Preschoolers must be active all through the day and most aren’t complaining about it as it is the parents who bear the brunt of their activity! School children and adolescents must exercise at least for 180 minutes per week.

Building Up the Structure for Exercise

You might heave a sigh of frustration or a smirk after reading through the time that must be allocated each day to stay healthy but there is some news to cheer you up! While earlier guidelines insisted on exercising at least for 10 consecutive minutes to reap benefits the new guidelines don’t say so! Even walking while talking over phone or climbing a flight of steps are counted as exercising and accumulate towards your daily target.

Most people assume exercise in term of ‘give it your best’ or ‘do nothing’ and the latest guidelines come at the right time breaking this school of thought. It is inclined on promoting the principle of ‘move more and sit less’. It encourages individuals to spend more time on physical activity and spend minimal time sitting around. Its all about trying your best to achieve a little more than yesterday. Don’t bother about not achieving your daily guidelines immediately. A small improvement or extension of your daily activity contributes a little more towards achieving your goals.

The best way to approach a goal is to break it into smaller chunks and achieving them one by one. For instance, none is going to achieve a 20-kilometer marathon run in one go. He/she plans for it, practices daily, covers a certain distance in a day, tries to beat his/her own distance in the coming days and finally performs the 20-kilometer run with a bang on D-day. This is the best way to approach physical activity goals too.

Start with a goal in mind, work constantly towards it, increase your pace, track progress and celebrate smaller achievements while working towards your bigger goal. If you have only 5 minutes to spare daily amounting to 35 minutes a week try pushing in a couple of minutes here and there to increase it to 40-45 minutes of exercise a week. This also gives you enough time to improve your fitness levels and feel less worked out on your fitness routine. This is a much practical solution than trying to allocate 45 minutes every day for exercise which never happens practically in the case of most people. Even if you have not reached your 150 minute a week goal, it is never a far sight and each day you can try to beat your previous days’ timing by forming a new schedule and beating the older routine. To stay active and be equipped with the energy to exercise every individual has to eat a nutrition-rich diet containing all necessary vitamins and minerals in the right combination. For planning such a diet routine a registered dietitian nutritionist at www.firsteatright.com is the best person to help you.

Exercise & Health

Exercise not only helps you maintain a healthy body weight but also reduces your risk of diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancers. Exercise is rewarding both in the short-term as well as long-term. It elevates our mood and helps us feel good immediately. It helps to focus more, feel less stressed and more energized after physical activity. Depression chances are also neutralized and exercising also decreases feelings of anxiety.

Exercising is fun until you enjoy doing it. Try to never indulge in too much of exercise on a single day. Find ways to introduce changes in your routines to which you are sure to stick to. Keep the guidelines aside and focus on exercising a bit more every day. This way you can surely surpass your guidelines and become fitter and healthier.

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