HIV Patients are at an Increased Risk of High Blood Pressure

 High cholesterol in HIV patients can trigger high BP levels
Non-infectious Diseases Such as BP Attack HIV Patients These Days

Individuals with HIV are affected lifelong and their immune system is compromised forever. Treatment can only improve quality of life but never cure the disease. Now, a new study shows that people with HIV are likelier than people without the virus to be affected by high blood pressure as a part of treatment outcomes and repercussions of the condition.

High blood pressure is common among the general population owing to increased stress, anxiety and tension existing in today’s world and people often rely upon medications to control BP. High BP is a dangerous risk factor for other serious health conditions such as cardiovascular problems and stroke. Hence, knowing more about the reason behind high BP in people with HIV is critical to prevent it from further pushing the individual into premature cardiovascular disease. This seems to be of immense importance as the world has witnessed a surge in the rates of people dying from conditions such as heart disease and stroke.

HIV affected the patient badly due to frequent occurrence of infections but with advanced treatment options such infections have been contained and now we see a great increase in the number of non-infectious consequences of HIV and hypertension is one of them. Immune system is constantly active in people with HIV and this leads to chronic inflammation in the arteries resulting in stiffness and enlargement of the artery. Antiretroviral meds can also trigger inflammation. Also, HIV people are at a four-time higher risk of suffering from kidney condition due to high blood pressure and chronic inflammation as well.

Studies suggest that high cholesterol in HIV patients might trigger high blood pressure in them. A proper diet and regular exercise can keep BP and sugar levels under control. For a well-balanced diet that helps you maintain blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels please get in touch with dietitians and nutritionists at But researchers involved in the new study say that lipid disorders in people with HIV are linked to low hormone levels that regulate blood sugar and break down fat. They also feel that mechanisms in the immune system are linked with high blood pressure. Hence it is critical that physicians diagnose HIV at an earlier stage and treat high BP (if present) to prevent the patient from succumbing to even greater problems such as heart attacks and stroke.

Sadly, there is not enough awareness present among public that HIV patients are at a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases and when both, the patient and the practitioner become aware of the existence, it becomes better for treatment and control.

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